2013 Best Free Cydia Apps

Top 10 Best Free Cydia Apps In 2013



10. MultiIconMover Cydia App

MultiIconMover Cydia Tweak is a simple but a very useful Cydia tweak. This is a Cydia tweak allows you to move more than one icon at a time. All you need to do is, just select multiple icons that you want to move to the next page and then with MultiIconMover, they will be shifted to the next page or any other place of your wish. Hold the icon until  they all start wiggling, then select all the icons you want to move and a little red check mark will appear and finally move them a different page and hit the “home” button. It is a very quick and easy way to move icons from one page to another. 

Download MultiIconMover Cydia Tweak from BigBoss repo.

9. FlashCam Cydia App

Camera and flashlight are the mostly used in iPhone apps and a frequent access to them is must. FlashCam cydia app provides you direct access to your camera and flashlight without even unlocking your iPhone screen. With this Tweak you can assign a third-party camera app like Camera+ or Instagram to the “Take Photo”button instead of the stock Camera app. So now click pictures without unlocking your iPhone screen.

Download FlashCam Cydia Tweak from BigBoss repo.

8. Music Box Cydia App


This is something very attractive for music lovers. Music Box is that amazing tweak through which you can not only search but also download and play music for free. Moreover, this tweak also keep you updated of the new songs weekly, hence you can search millions of songs and can remain connected to music. So if you love music then this Cydia tweaks is a must have.

Download Music Box from BigBoss repository.


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7. PdaNet Cydia App

PdaNet is truly one of the most useful Cydia app that is never provided by AT&T, as it thinks this app will overload. But Cydia store provides this for Free. Through this you can easily connect your iPhone to your computer with the help of wireless connection or even through the USB connection.

Download PdaNet Free Cydia App from BigBoss Repository.

6. AptBackup Cydia App


It seems as if each month a new firmware pops out and all the Apple users run behind it to upgrade their recent firmware. But whenever you update your iPhone with a new firmware version then all your beloved Cydia apps are lost, which means that you have to again start from the very beginning to collect all of them. But AptBackup can help you to solve this problem. This free Cydia app simply makes a backup copy of the list of jailbroken Cydia apps in your iPhone and then re-installs them easily once the installing of new firmware version is completed. This app is no doubt extremely useful and cost-free.

Download AptBackup Cydia App From BigBoss Repository.

5. Speed Intensifier Cydia App


If speed is the only thing lacking in your iDevice then what are you waiting for? Get this Cydia app now which is called speed intensifier. If you are wondering what it does then to tell that devices are all very transition heavy with things sliding and swiping all through the OS and reducing the time waiting for these to complete can certainly make your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch feel noticeably faster and this is done by this app. You can even adjust the speed of the tweaks through this app.

Download Speed Intensifier Cydia App From Insanelyi Repository.

4. Bigify+ Cydia App


Now this app is for the icons of your springboard and through this you can customize your icons including color, overlays, effects, textures. The Good thing is about a new app, you can preview all of these changes in a separate viewer before applying them. Thus this Cydia app will make you device even more attractive and fascinating.

Download Bigify+ Cydia App From BigBoss Repository.

3. MultiStorey Cydia App

At last in the list of top 5 best Cydia apps for multitasking in 2012 is multistory Cydia app. This jailbreak app adds another bar to the app switcher. This means now it’s not going to annoying for you to scroll individually through them or delete them, as now your device can be a multitasker.

Furthermore, in an iPod multiStorey gives an option of volume control through an extra slider, while also showing the song and artist name. you can also tap on the volume control to change the brightness according to your choice.

Download Multistorey cydia app from BigBoss repository.

2. SBSetting Cydia App

SBSettings cydia tweak

SBSetting is that special Cydia app for which all iPhone users want to jailbreak their phones, as this app is free and provides shortcuts to all those options that are mandatory to be used almost everyday. SBSetting directly takes you to WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G etc. With that it even frees the memory of your iPhone. Thus this cydia app is a must have.

Download SBSettings Free Cydia App from BigBoss Repository.

1. Activator Cydia App

Activator Cydia tweak

Activator, the Cydia Tweak you all have been waiting for. This is an app which makes your iPad more easy and fun to use because it works as a key to unlock all the shortcut possibilities for iPad. You can have access to many of your iPad features just by simply tapping your springboard. You can also operate some basic aspects of your iPad with this mind-blowing Cydia tweak.

Download Activator Cydia Tweak From BigBoss repo.

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