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Our Top 15 Cydia App Picks for jailbroken iPhones

So you’ve finally gotten your iPhone jailbroken safely, but so what? What can you do with a jailbroken iPhone that you couldn’t do before? 15 times more things than you could before! We put together this list of 15 apps so you can really unleash the power of your iPhone. Before you read on, remember, we have the only proven safe jailbreak for your iphone. So Jailbreak first. Then use these Apps.

From theme customization to internet freedom, here’s our list:

1. MyWi

People love MyWi. You can turn your phone into a mobile hotspot, anywhere. No more carrier restrictions or extra charges to wirelessly tether your device. Get your laptop connected to the world through your iPhone 5. MyWi is a must have.

MyWi App for the iPhone

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2. 3g Unrestrictor

Wish you could Facetime over 3g? Wish you could upload photos from your cameraroll while you’re out and about? Now 3g Unrestrictor gives you the power to take any app that only works over wifi, and make it work over 3g. UNLEASE THE POWER.

3g unrestrictor

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3. CameraTweak

Do you just love to snap pics of anything and everything? Is your facebook just filled with thousands of photo memories? You should take a serious look of CameraTweak if you want to make the most of those memories and get the most of your iPhone camera. Use CameraTweak. It makes your iPhone feel like a top DSLR!


4. Whozcalling

It is just wrong to be expected to answer a call when you have no idea who is ringing. Am I right? I mean, it could be, well, anyone. Whozcalling will take the mystery out of the situation. And so you can answer your iPhone. Or not.


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5. Clockify

Simple app, but nice. The app name may sound like it’s from a Harry Potter film, but the best part about it is it changes the clock face and lets you customize your iPhone in ways Apple wouldn’t let you before you freed your iPhone from its bear claws.


6. Winterboard

If you want to customize your iPhone more than you could do with Clockify, Winderboard is the ultimate customizer. Now that it’s jailbroken you can completely customize the look of your device to your liking. Some of the themes cost money but it will be well worth it when your eyes stop bleeding from Apple’s stock interface. Find it here, idownloadblog has it.

Winterboard Windows


7. Nitrous

Sick of waiting that extra 20 milliseconds for your internet browser to load webpages? We are too, which is why we installed Nitrous and it’s been like a street racing car every since. Nitrous works with any browser on your iphone to speed it up and take your internet surfing to new heights and new waves. Hang loose, bro!


8. Pandora Downloader

Everybody loves Pandora. It’s a great music player that gets you off your butt and on your feet saying, “let’s dance baby!”. The Pandora Downloader will have your tunes downloaded to your iPhone long before you can say “I Love Michael Jackson”.

Pandora Downloader


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9. Octopus Keyboard

Miss your Blackberry? If you’re looking for an alternative to that clunky stock iphone keyboard, maybe you should check out Octopus Keyboard. It takes on the look of the Blackberry keyboard and gives you abilities like prediction and flicking words up into the box. $5, baby.

Octopus Keyboard

10. Beekeyboard

This is for those of you who use an external Bluetooth keyboard. Best suited for you guys with an iPad or iPad mini, BeeKeyboard allows you to create custom gestures for your external keyboard. You can even disable it for certain apps! It allows you to do awesome stuff in safari browser, like you’re on a real computer! Check it out here in this video:


11. MapsOpener

My, My, My… We’ve been waiting to get away from Apple Maps. MapsOpener allows to use a Cydia tweak to open up Google Maps automatically. No more of that Apple Maps hassle. It’s compatible with IOS 6 and up.

MapsOpener app for iPhone

12. iBlacklist

Have you been constantly getting phone calls from an annoying ex-girlfriend or your credit card debt collector that just don’t seem to stop? iBLACKLIST THEM! You can block iMessages, texts, calls, FaceTime calls, and photo messages from any number, company, or individual that you so desire. Get some privacy.

iBlacklist App


13. Password Pilot

Password Pilot takes care of one annoying function of regular iPhones. This app enables you to purchase apps from the iTunes App Store without entering your password every time. A crucial timesaver if you’re an app buying fiend like we are.

Password Pilot

14. Stride

You have an iPhone. You LOVE your iPhone. But do you ever get jealous of Android users being able to draw their passwords? Now you can to! With the Stride app you can draw your passcode and unlock your iPhone with gestures. Impress your friends by your crazy drawings.

Stride for iPhone


15. Unlim Tone

Does the word “ringtone” yank your chain? Do you change your ring tone more than you change your boxers? Unlim Tones is said to be one of the best ring tone apps. In all of history.

Unlimtones iPhone Application

There you have it – Our top picks to tweak out your iPhone 3g, 3gs, 4, 4s, 5 (or 6 if you’re from the future). If you try to download the apps, but can’t, don’t forget to download our jailbreak solution that will do it safely and effectively.

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