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Sit in a serene and quiet space. Close your eyes and listen intently. You should hear a distinct buzz amid the soundlessness. Why? Apple’s IOS 7 is set for a June 2013 release. IOS 6 is about to become passé. Well, Apple has not put out the official word yet. Though Josh Smith over at Gotta Be Mobile posted, on March 29, that a developer from Apple told him that it likely the operating system will hit the ground between June 10 and June 14.

According to the International Digital Times, IOS7 will be powering an iPhone 5S, not an iPhone 6. Anticipation for the iPhone 6 has been steadily building across the planet, as rumors of snazzy new features like an unimaginable bending screen have surfaced. We know what you are thinking. (Yes, we do.) You are wondering if you will be able to jailbreak IOS 7 – in a safe and absolutely untethered way. We have some smashing news for you.

Jailbreak iphone 5 4s

The Jailbreak Shop has your back. Don’t we always? We will have the IOS 7 jailbreak ready to go. We know that you need your quirky Cydia apps. Like you need a hot steaming cup of caffeine on a chilly winter morning. Or a cool glass of Pinot Gris on a hot summer evening.

We know that you might have found an affordable provider that you’ve become attached to. Like your 15-year-old friend Frieda is attached to her iPhone 4. All you have to do is sit tight.

If you are just dipping your toe into the jailbreaking ocean; if you are have not yet held a jailbroken iPhone in your hand, The Jailbreak Shop is about to do you a huge favor. We are going to share why so many millions have set their Apple devices free. So, unplug your iPod and read on. (You are welcome.)

Why jailbreak your iPhone5? Or your iPhone 4s? Or the new iPad3?

Jailbreak iphone 4s iphone 5


Cydia, for those not in the know, is the iTunes Store of an alternate universe. A jailbroken Apple device can download apps from Cydia. Apps that do stuff that apps from the iTunes Store cannot. Like what, you ask? Like…

• There is a Cydia app that will let you change your iPhone into a wireless hotspot. This means that you can bring Internet access to your laptop at home, because your iPhone 5 is suddenly working as a modem. Nice.

• If you want you watch your app icons fall all over your screen, you can make that happen. There is a Cydia that does this, just for pure and unadulterated fun.

• If you are not thrilled to have to go into Settings to do stuff that you do a lot, like turn off airplane mode, you can just do it by swiping your screen. If your Apple device is jailbroken.


If you are really into a game – in a serious way – you want to be apple to play it on your iPhone or your iPad or your iPod Touch. Right? And you know that you cannot always do this. Fear not. Jailbreak your iPhone with The Jailbreak Shop and you’ll be playing what you want. Pronto.

ipad iPhone Jailbreaking

ipad and iPhone jailbreaking

Hey, someone is following you

Privacy is going to be the issue of this century: How do we keep the privacy we have protected in an age where technology can literally follow us around? One way is to have The Jailbreak Shop free your Apple device so that you can them remove its location tracking ability. Up with privacy. Down with Big Brother.

One of these things is not like the others

Apple designers are at the top of their game; it must be said: clean, uncluttered and visually appealing. Yep, they do great designs that you see everywhere. On everyone’s iPhone. Do you like to stand out? Are you a woman who dances to her own tune? If you are keen about personalizing your tech gadgets, you’d probably love to make up a custom theme; to have your iPhone 4 reflect who you are.


How many times have you clicked on what you considered to be a must-see video clip on your iPad only to find out that you need Flash to see it? It is uncool. The Jailbreak Shop can fix this for you; you will never again be blocked from seeing Justin Bieber on Ellen. Or something.

Choose your own provider

You’ve just received your cell phone bill. Ouch. Why not switch carriers? You can, if you let The Jailbreak Shop free your iPhone. Hey, you work hard for your money, right? You need to be able to cast the net wide if you are going to cut down that monthly bill to a size that does not surprise.

Music to your ears

The personalized ring tone. It can say a lot about who you are. You can let people know that you are beyond into Vampire Weekend. Or that you are a devotee of Dexter. Or Bach. All you need is a jailbroken iPhone and you are can install ringtones that are music to your ears.

Trading up?

We all like to be hip when it comes to the technology we carry around all day. It is hard to resist when a new iPhone comes out. Luckily, the resale value of your old iPhone goes up when you jailbreak it. This is what is known as a bonus.

Is jailbreaking a risky business?

The Jailbreak Shop came into being to offer its customers a safe way to jailbreak their Apple devices. They understand that not everyone is technically inclined and that things can go wrong with even simple downloads. If you’ve been burned by an ill-advised download in the past, you know that it can be a harrowing thing.

The technicians at The Jailbreak Shop know what they are doing. They should. They’ve done it thousands and thousands of times. And they don’t help you jailbreak your iPhone and then vanish. They stick around and provide you with any technical support that you might need. You are paying a one-time fee for peace of mind.

The Jailbreak Shop proudly stands behind its jailbreaking service. If you are not satisfied with your jailbreak, you can take advantage of their 100% Money Back Guarantee. This guarantee wipes out the risk. Poof.

Jailbreaking is not a fringe activity that only tech geeks and hackers get into. It may have been at the beginning, but it has morphed into the mainstream. Over 7 million Apple customers downloaded a jailbreak for the IOS 6, all in the matter of a few days. Sure, 7 million people can be wrong. But they can’t be ignored.

If you are curious about the world of the jailbroken Apple devices, and want a risk-free way to try jailbreaking, The Jailbreak Shop is for you. The Jailbreak Shop offers the only truly SAFE jailbreak for ALL iDevices. Don’t risk it elsewhere.
We offer:

• You do not have to have any technical knowhow to work with The Jailbreak Shop. None at all. You will be walked through the jailbreaking process slowly and clearly.
• If you have any questions, they will be answered.
• If you think that you understand everything but wake up the following morning and have no idea how to fix a glitch, you will be given help and support.
• If you immediately suffer from jailbreaker’s remorse, you can reverse the process and receive a full refund.
• It takes only about 5 minutes to free your iPhone.

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